Ilan Godfrey, a Documentary Photographer, Artist, Activist, Writer, Educator, Husband, and Proud father currently residing in Johannesburg; South Africa. 

His work explores the diverse social, political, economic, and environmental currents that shape contemporary South Africa, giving viewers a broader, and at the same time, more deeply personal understanding of the country they live in but seldom truly gets to grips with. His photographic practice includes extensive research and focuses on issues that expose South Africa’s constantly shifting landscape, documenting the country with an in-depth and intimate conscience. By conveying through long-term, multi-layered projects a process of investigative narration with photography, he reveals varied aspects of societal change across the country...




South African Contact Number: +27 (0) 7244 74 60 4

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Instagram: @ilangodfrey

Twitter: @IlanGodfrey

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