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South African Photographer

Introspection has been something many of us have embraced at some point over the span of this year. I have found that in times of stillness we cope with the unknown in ways that one cannot always fully comprehend.


Driving through the quiet and what now seem unfamiliar spaces of Johannesburg, I have frequented for so many years, feels very different in the midst of lockdown. It is as if in times of a pandemic there is an unease that washers over the streets, the shadows that move with every shutter pressed, bring varying voices to one’s own consciousness.


Details are accentuated in the wavering tones of the city light, they expose uncomfortable truths suppressed by our insatiable desires and economic virtues. In a society where divisions still persist these fragmented spaces play out without distraction.


This work attempts to channel one’s own state of mind in a time of crisis. At the onset of our restrictions on movement, I began making photographs that are un-restrictive, like thoughts that move beyond the singular image.


Alone and reflective the making of multiple frames within moments of each other, a fragmented exhaustive landscape begins to form. Beyond the confines of the viewfinder the void that connects these scenes are representative of one’s own control or lack thereof.

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